Get Ripped at Home

Get Ripped at Home

Closed Gym and Increase Weight and Visible Fats. If thats what you are worried about, you have came to right place to Fix that. Everyone says every body is Beautiful but according to us a Fit body/ a Healthy Body is the most Beautiful Body. First question which might coming to everyone’s mind, can we do this without going to Gym and the answer is Yes, You can Get Ripped at Home. The progress will be comparatively slowed but results will be worth the efforts.

To make it Simple Getting Ripped at Home can be Easily Achieved by Following the Below 2 Step:

  • Workout to burn those extra Fat and Gain Muscles
  • Calorie Deficit Diet to Lose Fat

Get Ripped at Home

You all might have heard People Saying Muscles burn Fat. Muscles don’t burn fat but it has Direct Relation with Burning Calories. The more the Muscle, Higher the Resting Metabolic Rate. Higher Resting Metabolic Rate means Higher the amount of Calories burned by your Body.
As most of us are at home and we don’t have Weights to Lift. So, we will be Discussing more on High Intensity Interval Training to burn Fat and Gain Ripped Muscles Together. We have already written about this in one of our Blogs: No Equipment Workout: Full Body Circuit Training.
In this we have Discussed everything you need to Know about Workout to Get Ripped at Home. We have Discussed Body-weight Exercises according to People Level from Beginner to Advance Level. So, do give it a Check if you Want to Get Ripped at Home.


Getting Ripped is 80% diet and 20 % Workout. What is Being Ripped, how can we Define. Having a Good amount of Muscle Mass and Low Body Fat Percentage so that those Muscles are Clearly Visible is Defined as being Ripped. Most People will tell you that cut the Sodium Intake or Starve to Death to get Ripped. Starving or maybe Cutting Sodium may help you see Result but always Remember Health should be your Number 1 Priority and doing these will harm your Health to a great Extent. Having a Good Body from outside and being empty from Inside thats not we are Looking for. We are aiming for a Body which not Looks amazing but also feels Amazing.

Calorie Deficit

What you all have to do is Calculate the Daily amount of your Calorie Intake. Then cut it be 500 Calories(if your Daily intake is 2500,then 2500-500=2000 Calories) that should be your Daily Intake. Focus on your Macro and Micro Nutrients Rather than Following a Certain Diet Everyday. Cutting those Calories will make your Body Burn the Fat and Muscles and Gain Energy. To Stop Loosing Muscles you have to Train your Muscles at least 4-5 times a Week.

Apart from Cutting Calories you have to Make sure you get as much Protein as you can get in Calorie Deficit Diet. Protein plays a major role in every Stage of Muscle Building be it Bulking or Cutting. But when you are Cutting and Working to get Ripped, Protein becomes even more Important. One Gram of Protein contains 4 Calories whereas One Gram of Fat contain 9 Calories. You can have More Protein even while Controlling your Calorie Control. Plus Protein is a Major Component in Toning those Muscles as Proteins helps in Rebuilding those Torn Muscle Fibers which are Torn During your Workout and Help you Achieve much Bigger and Defined Muscles.



If you are Beginner or have just started hitting weights and wanna get Ripped then we won’t recommend you to use Supplements. Try to get Result by Utilizing Maximum from your Diet. Now, those who have been in this Field for more 4-5 months and have Visible Muscles you can think of taking Supplements for a Better and Faster Results. Before we tell about Supplements let me Clarify you taking supplements won’t do any Miracle if you are thinking like that. I will take some CLA tablets and next day wake up with 6 Pack Abs. Sorry that won’t be Happening. Supplements help you in getting a Boost in Getting Better Results.

Best Supplements for Cutting: Whey Protein, BCAA, CLA

Whey Protein: Whey Protein will help you Rebuilding those Muscles which are Torn by your Workout and get Bigger and Much Defined Muscles. For Whey Protein we Would Recommend you to take Isopure Low Carb 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder. The Highest Quality Whey Protein you can Get in the Market.

BCAA: Branched-chain amino acid basically contains 3 Essential Amino Acid: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. These Essentials not only help in Boosting Recovery but also Boosting the Performance of other Essential Amino Acid. For BCAA we would Recommend you Scivation Xtend BCAAs. This is a bit Expensive when you will compare with others. But its worth all the Money and is Best in the Segment.

CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid one of the Best Supplements which will show you amazing Results in a Small Span of Time. CLA helps in Increasing Metabolic Rate, better Metabolic Rate means More Fat burn Better Muscle Recover. Hence, more Ripped Body. Not only this, CLA helps in converting Food to Energy and controls small fat cell from Getting Bigger. CLA not only burns Fat but helps in Increasing Leans Muscles. For CLA we Would Recommend you GAT CLA 1250.

Implement these tricks and eat your way to those Ripped Muscles and Amazing Looking 6 Pack Abs. If you want us to Write more About Supplements and Compare Supplements do tell us in Comments.

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