PUBG Mobile Ban What all We Know

It is official Govt has Banned PUBG Mobile along with 117 other apps which had a Link with China. Under the Information Technology Act Section 69A, the Gov has Power Block the Public Access of any app/website. PUBG Mobile is Undoubtedly one of the Most Popular Games on Mobile Platform. Not only PUBG Mobile but PUBG Lite has also been Banned which means you can’t play PUBG on Internet Network anymore.

PUBG Mobile Ban What all We Know

Why PUBG Mobile Ban?

Before we come to Why PUBG Mobile Ban lets make it clear that PUBG Mobile is Banned but not PUBG. Why is PUBG Mobile Banned, the Answer is because PUBG Mobile has a Chinese Publisher. Yes, you Heard it Right Tencent, whose Logo you see whenever you Start the Game is a Chinese Company holding 10% Share in PUBG Mobile. After the Ban of PUBG Mobile in China in 2017. Tencent(Chinese Biggest Gaming Company) partnered with Bluehole to Bring PUBG Mobile back in Chinese Market. Tencent is also Credited for Introducing PUBG Mobile. Due to Cyber Crimes attacks taking Place by Chinese. It was best to Ban the Apps who had a Link with China. PUBG Mobile being one of the Most Famous Game with more than 100 Million Downloads had to make to List of Apps being Banned.

Is PUBG Mobile Coming Back?

The Answer to this Question is Yes. PUBG Mobile is surely coming back. But we don’t know when or if it will come back with Same Name Because Tencent(The Chinese Gaming Company) has Developed PUBG Mobile and holds 10% Stakes in Bluehole. India is a Crucial Country for PUBG Game as India has the Most Number of PUBG Player when compared to any Other Country. More than 10 to 15 Million Active Players in India. Bluehole can’t leave this Hot Drop Area of PUBG Mobile. So the only Question is will Bluehole drop Tencent from Shares of the Game or will it Launch a New Game which has no Relation with Tencent or any other Chniese Related Company just Like PUBG PC.

Alternate Games

COD Mobile: The #1 and Obvious Choice when you are Looking for an Alternative of PUBG Mobile. Just like PUBG COD Mobile also has more than 100 Million Download and takes only 1.7 gigs of Storage. Just like PUBG Mobile COD Mobile also offers 100 Player Battle Royal Mode. You get Maps from Both CoD Black Ops and CoD Modern Warfare and you can Even Customize your Player with Different Outfits, Weapons and even Unlock New Character.

Free Fire: Another Game for the Like of PUBG Player. Free Fire Battle Royal lets you Play with 50 Different People with Each Rounding Lasting 10 Mins Each. Just Like PUBG Mobile you can Play with your Friends in Squad of 4 People. Free Fire Just takes 500 mb of Storage and is well Optimized for Phones with Low Specs. With More than 500 Million Downloads on Playstore, Free Fire is Most Popular Battle Royal Game on Android.

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