How to Gain Muscle & Loose Fat at Same Time

From Starting our Trainer have only told us Either you can go on Gaining Phase or Cutting Phase, You can’t do both Together. But The Truth is Yes, you can Gain Muscles and Loose Fat at Same Time. Your Trainer won’t tell you this as its Slow Result Process and many People Back off when they don’t see Fast Result. As for Gaining you got Lift Heavy and to Loose Fat you gotta do Max Repetitions and Lots of Cardio. To Achieve Muscle Gaining and Loosing Fat at Same Time. You gotta Focus on 2 Things: Diet and your Workout. While Corona being around Many of us are not able to make to Gym. Even though Gyms have opened from 5th August but still many of us won’t be able to make due to Family Reasons or Whatever Reasons. These 4 Tips which we going to Discuss today can be Followed to Home too. Lets Discuss the 4 Tips on How to Gain Muscle & Loose Fat at Same Time.

1) Increase Protein Consumption

We all know that for Building Muscles Protein is Necessary Component of Diet. But many of us don’t that it is much more essential when Loosing Weight. Protein has almost half amount of Calories when Compared to Fat. Protein has 4 Calories in one Gram of Protein and whereas there are 9 Calories in 1 gram of Fat. More the Protein in your Diet lesser the Calories. Not only this Protein reduces you Hunger Level by lowering levels of Ghrelin Hunger Causing Hormone. It also Boosts the Peptide YY which makes you feel full.

2) Workout

Most of does the Mistake by only doing Cardio for Loosing Fat. Whereas its a Fact that Weight Training is by far Better than Cardio for Loosing Fat in Long Run. Workout helps in Building Muscles and Muscles burns the Fat when the Body is at Rest. Cardio might help you see Faster Result but once you Stop it you will start seeing the Fat Coming Back. Whereas by doing Weight Lifting the Fat is burned even while Resting as more the Muscles more the Fat will be Burned while the Body is at Rest.

3) Forget the Weighing Scale

Having a Muscular or Lean Body ain’t about Body Weight its all about Muscle Gain and Fat Loss. While Achieving these Goals you might remain at Same Weight or even Gain Weight. Because your Muscles weigh more than your Fat does because of its Higher Density. The More Muscle you Gain the more Weight Weight you will gain.

4) Calorie Cycling

We all know that to Gain Weight we have to go on Calorie Surplus and to Loose Weight we have to go on Calorie Deficit. But here you have to maintain a Calorie Cycling. While Calorie intake we go in 3 Phase Calorie Surplus, Calorie Deficit and Calorie Maintenance. On Rest Days you will go on Calorie Deficit, on Weight Training Days Calorie Surplus(Cause you need more Protein) and on Cardio and Resistance Exercises Calories Maintenance. If you Confused why so the Simple Answer is you want a Body Transformation you have to Make Sure your Body don’t Store Calories. You have to Eat Calories according to the Work you did throughout the Day.

These were our 4 Tips on How to Gain Muscle & Loose Fat at Same Time. Also do check our 3 Principles to Gain Muscles: Muscles Hypertrophy. Also do comment down Below if you wanna Read more about such Articles.

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