Hair Care Tips For Men: 7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

Its Been a while due to Lockdown and Corona we all are not able to Visit Salons for Safety Reasons and eventually not able to take Good Care of our Hair. Lets Discuss some Daily Hair Care Tips for Men. Here are gonna discuss 7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair During Lockdown.

Hair Care Tips For Men

Nourish your Scalp

First and Most important Hair Care Tips for Men. Shampoo and Conditioner are not Enough for a Healthy Scalp. You need to Nourish it, to keep your Roots Healthy. Oil Massage at least twice a week will Nourish your Scalp and Eventually give you Thick and Strong Hair.

One Bonus Tip, never leave Oil on your Hair Overnight. Leaving Oil on your Hair for more than 2 hours block the pores and not allow Oxygen to Reach your hair, Eventually Leading to Hair fall. Always wash your hair within 1-2 hours of Applying Oil to your Hair.

Hair Wash

Tip 2 of Hair Care Tips for Men is Hair Wash. Now as we all are not stepping out of our Houses. Most of us skip having a bath, which is bad for our skin as well as our Hair. Not Washing our Hair for Long Periods can Cause Buildup on Hair, Damaging the Hair and even Slowing down its Growth.

Stop Daily Shampoo

While some us skips having a Bath, many people who takes bath daily eventually shampoo their hair Daily. Using a shampoo everyday is Really Bad for our Hair. Shampoo not only strips away the dirt and unwanted particles but it also strips away all the oil from our Scalp, leaving our Hair Dry and more Prone to Breakage. It is Recommend to Shampoo 2-3 times a Week for Maximum Results

Conditioner your Hair

Conditioning you Hair after Shampoo using Hair Conditioner benefits your hair in lots of ways. It not only make your hair softer and tangle free but it also Balance the pH level of your hair. Conditioner also helps in Moisturizing your Hair by Bringing by the Moisture lost due to Shampoo to your Hair Strands.

Some Tips to Remember while Using a Conditioner:

  • It is Not important to Shampoo before using Conditioner. You can use Conditioner even without Applying Shampoo
  • Never apply conditioner to your Roots. Conditioner is Designed to Hydrate/Moisturize your Hair Strands
  • Make sure to not buy Conditioner containing Silicones and Parabeans as they can damage your hair. Always buy Parabean and Silicon free Conditioner, Same for Shampoo

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Someone once said, What you Eat is How you Become. A healthy Diet will not only make you feel healthier but make your face glow, hair healthy, look younger and what not. In this Pandemic Situation everything is Effected including our Diet. We eat whatever what we find and binge eating is becoming part of Lifestyle. Make sure whatever you eat is Healthy and Provide the Minerals and Vitamins that your Body Needs. A Healthy diet is the Backbone of Healthy Hairs.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking Plenty of Water helps in growing hair from root to tip. Water makes up 25% weight of each strands of hair. Drinking plenty of water will help in strengthening of hair and hence enhancing hair growth. Dehydration directly effects the hair growth and cause split ends and making the hair brittle and your scalp loose moisture. Making it dry and even causing dandruff.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is Magical Plant when it comes to natural Hair Care. Aloe Vera contains Proteolytic Enzymes which helps in repairing dead skin cells on the scalp. Massaging Aloe on Scalp can help promoting Hair Growth, restoring pH balance of the Scalp, getting rid of Itchiness. Aloe Vera also help in Conditioning your Hair.

These were our 7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair. If you would like to Read more such Articles just tell us in Comments. Also comment down what would you like to Read Next.

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