Grow Hair Faster: Healthier Fuller Shinier

Loosing control of Styling you Hair, Seeing high amount of hair fall while combing, Seeing Visible Scalp Spot. If you are Suffering from any of these you have come to Right Place for the Solution. An average Human looses 150-200 Hair Strands daily. By the age of 35 most men Suffer Drastic Hair Loss.

What is the Cause?

Although Genes and Hormones play a Vital Role for Healthy Hair. But not taking care of them, exposing them to Pollution, taking Daily Stress can also be Major Reasons for Hair Fall and Dull Hair. The Main Question now is How to Fix them/How to Grow Hair Faster.

Today, we will tell you how a Healthy Diet and Proper Care can help you Grow Hair Faster and Achieve those Healthier Fuller and Shinier Hair. From what food to Eat to what Shampoo to use Everything will be Covered in this Blog. But Still if you have any Doubt Left in your Mind, you can ask in Comments Down below. Without Wasting lets get Started with the Solution to those Sexy Healthier Fuller and Shinier Hair.

Grow Hair Faster

1. Choose your Shampoo

Before Deciding which Shampoo to buy you have to First Decide what type of Hair you have, is it Oily, Dry or Normal. How do we know that, if your hair is full of Visible Natural oil within 1 or 2 Days you have an Oily Scalp. If you see Visible Natural in between 3-5 Days then you have a Normal Scalp. If you don’t see Natural Oil in your Hairs within a Weak you have Dry Hair. Choosing a Right Shampoo according to Hair type is most imp to Make your Hair Healthier Fuller and Shinier and Control most Hair Problems. Once you do that then look for Shampoo which have least or no Chemicals. Make sure Shampoo doesn’t have Paraben and Sulphate Free.

For Oily Scalp we Would Recommend: Ustraa Charcoal & Clay Shampoo. The Brahmi Extract Relaxes and Calm Hair Follicles and the Charcoal will help in Controlling Excess Oil.

For Normal to Dry Hair we Would Recommend: WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo With Red Onion Seed Oil Extract, Black Seed Oil & Pro-Vitamin B5.

2. Oil your Hair

Argan Oil

One of the Best Hair Oil for Dry Scalp. Argan Oil is enriched with Vitamin E which helps in Hair Growth for People Suffering from Hair Loss. High amount of Antioxidants and fatty acid helps in Achieving Healthy Scalp and Stronger Hair.

Onion Hair Oil

Old and Best Remedy to Grow Hair Faster. Onion Hair Oil are rich in Sulphar and Antioxidants which help is Preventing Hair Breakage. Resulting in reduce hair thinning and Stronger and Thicker Hair on your Head. Onion Hair Oil also help in Preventing Graying of Hair. We Recommend you to Use UrbanGabru 100% natural Onion Oil.

3. Add Protein to your Diet

Our Hair are Mostly made of Protein also known as Keratin. I diet full of Protein helps in achieving Healthier Fuller Shinier hair by Strengthening the Keratin Matrix. Dairy Products like Milk, Yogurt and Cheese are rich in Calcium, Biotin and Protein. Biotin and Protein helps you to Grow Hair Faster and Healthier. Weak Protein Diet can lead Weak, Lifeless Hair causing more and more Hair Fall.

Grow Hair Faster

4. Say No to Heat

Exposing the Hair and Scalp to more Heat can cause Hair to Loose the Moisture and Eventually become Brittle and Start Falling. Hair Drying you hair Daily can be one of the Reason. Try Styling you hair by setting it to Low Heat and ending them with Cold Hair to Achieve the Desired Hairstyle. Also using very hot Water to Wash your Hair also ain’t Recommended. Instead Washing it with Lukewarm water can help in clearing any residues from the scalp and allow your hair to Grow Faster.

5. Remove Stress from your Life

Most People when they see Visible Hair lose starts stressing what will they do now, what if they go bald etc. Stress ain’t only bad for your Health but also for your Hair. Stress causes Hormonal Imbalance and can Lead to Hair Loss in three Ways: Telogen effluvium, Alopecia areata and Trichotillomania. If you want us to Write more about Stress and Hair Fall tell us in Comments. Now, how to control Stress, the Most Effective Way is to Exercise. Exercise ain’t good for your Healthy but it also helps in Eliminating Stress.

Bonus Tip: Using Natural Hair Growth Serum can also Help in Growing Healthier Hair Faster. We Recommend UrbanGabru Hair Growth Serum with Castor Oil. Using this once Daily will show you Visible Results in less than a Month and amazing Results in Just 2 months. It Helps in Hair Growth, Controlling Hair Fall and Achieving Thick and Strong Hair.

Till now all your Doubts must be Cleared about Hair Growth and Achieving Healthier Fuller Shinier. If not ask in Comments whatever is in your Mind. Also, tell us in Comment what would you Like to Read about in our Next Blog. Also do Check: Hair Care Tips For Men: 7 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

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