8 Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Having a Busy Schedule with the Urge of Getting in Great Shape. You wanna hit the Gym but your Work and Busy life Doesn’t allow you. You can’t make 1.5 hour gap in your Schedule for a Gym Session in a Day. So what should you Do. Do not Worry we got you, here we will tell you 8 Exercises for a Full Body Workout to get in Shape without going to Gym or the need of any Equipment. All you need is a Flat Surface and a Place where no one Disturbs you. Divide these Exercises in 2 Half and do them at least 3 times a Week to Seeing Amazing Results. Lets start with the 8 Exercises for a Full Body Workout:

1 Squat

One of the Most Favorite Exercise of all Athlete Trainers. Squats works on your Lower Body and Core Muscles and flexibility of your Hips Muscles. Squats also burns a high amount of Calories because they work on of the Largest Muscle Group of your Body.

2 Push Ups

One of the Most Basic yet Really Effective Exercise. A standard Push Ups targets you Chest, Shoulder, Tricep and Core Muscles. Best part of Push Ups is you can Target Different Muscle Group by Different Position of your Hand. If you are not able to do Basic Push you can drop down to your Knees and do Knee Push Ups. This will still work on Major Muscle Group and help you Building Strength to do the Standard Push Ups.

3 Burpees

Burpee is a Full Body Exercise which burns a lot of Calories and Provide overall Body Strength. Burpees is the Best Exercise for Cardiovascular Endurance and Muscle Training.

4 Hindu Push Ups

While Normal Push Ups Majorly works on your Chest Muscles and to some Extents your Triceps Muscles. The Hindu Push Ups or the Dive Bomber Push Ups puts much Greater Load on your Arms including Biceps. While Doing Hindu Push Ups do the Reps as Slowly as Possible to have Better Results.

5 Superman

A Good Body Posture requires Strong Back Extensors. Weak Back Extensors can Lead to Reduced Pelvic and Spinal Support which Lean to Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Adding Superman Exercise to your Workout can help you Cure it by Engaging Back Extensors leading to Strong Back Extensors and Eventually a Good Body Posture.

6 Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge works on your Hamstring, Lower Back and Abdominal Muscles. Best Part about this Exercise is that it doesn’t put any Pressure on Lower Back rather it Strengthens it. People who aren’t able to Squat or Do Many Exercises due to Lower Back or Hip Pain, Glute Bridge is a Great Exercise for them too.

7 Hollow Hold

One of my Favorite Exercise when it comes to Strengthening the Abdominal Muscles is the Hollow Hold. The Hollow Hold or the Hollow Body Hold is Similar to Upside Down Plank. It Pushes your Entire Core to Become Stronger. This Exercise Puts an Immense Burn on your Abdominal Muscles by Just Holding a Position and it doesn’t engage the Lower Back Pain.

8 Side Plank

Oblique Muscles, the Muscles located on the outer Side of Abdomen Muscles. Side Plank works on these Oblique Muscles which makes your Abdominal Muscles Look Ripped and Amazing unlike those Malnutritioned Abdominal Muscles.

These were our 8 Exercises for a Full Body Workout. Don’t just do it Every Day but Improvise every time. Burn them up by adding more Hold and More Reps each time Maybe it be 1 more or 10 more but make Sure to Increase and Feel Stronger with Every Workout. Also do Check our How to Gain Muscle & Loose Fat at Same Time.

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