7 Ways to Stay Away from Weight Gaining

With every day passing in this Lockdown we all are ending up Messing our Diet and Gaining Bad Weight to our Body. Lets Discuss 7 Ways to Stay Away from Weight Gaining.

7 Ways to Stay Away from Weight Gaining During the Lockdown

1. No Process Food

With Everything going upside down we all are thinking its better to take processed food then buying Fresh Food and Cook them. Yes, we totally agree process food is safe as we can sanitize it from outside and keep it away for 24 hours as the Corona Virus doesn’t survive on anything for more than 24 hours. But the mistake we do here is we buy Chips, Biscuit, Kurkure and all those Fast Food as Processed Food. Instead buy those ready to make Idli, Dosa or maybe roasted pulses like Soyabeans. You can also try Quick Snacks like Besan Chilla(Pancake made from Gram Flour) or maybe something more easier like Omelettes etc.

2. Be the Chef

Mix Match all the Healthy Treats and try Something New. Sharing with Personal Experience when your Mom or anyone else cooks for you there main Aim is make it Tasty more then Healthy like more Butter in Parathas which makes it Tasty but end up Giving you a Huge Belly. Making your Food yourself and understanding the Calories, Fat, Proteins and Carbs Ratio may not end making food as Tasty as Before but Surely making it Much Healthier. There is a Saying whatever you Eat shows on your Skin, Healthier the Food, Better and Glowing the Skin.

3. Add Liquids to Your Diet

Liquids like Buttermilk, Lemon Water, Green Tea can be Great Option to Drink to Prevent the Hunger. All these are Healthy and Great option to add to your Diet. Plus these are also Low on Calories so you don’t even have to Rethink before having them.

4. Move that Body

You gotta burn those Calories which you intake. Your Body burns them for Day to Day Function your Body. More you move the Body more the Body will burn the Calories. Add Daily Exercises to your Routine and for most of those who are thinking how to Workout at Home without Equipment we have already written a blog on No Equipment Workout: Full Body Training for Amateurs to Advance Level Workout.

5. Change your Backups

Most of us Keep Chips, Kurkure, Biscuits, Namkeens, Instant Noodles etc as Quick Backup Snack. When we don’t have anything else or don’t feel like Cooking. There small small mistakes ends up Destroying all our Efforts. Try Replacing them with other Snack options Like Sprouts, Roasted Soyabean, Roasted Channa, Peanuts etc and see the Magic in few Days.

6. Change Daily Food to Low Calorie Food

Try adding Low Calorie Foods like Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Bhel, Apple, Cucumber, Watermelon instead of Having Instant Noodles and other Bad Packed Food. As they May end maybe not helping but Reversing your Target and Ending up Gaining of Weight(Bad Fat).

7. Split Large Meals into Small Meals

Split all your Large Portion Meals to Small Portion Meals and have them over time Instead of all at Once. This will not only Help in Better Digestion but also is good for Metabolism and you can also look at your Calories.

These were our 7 Ways to Stay Away from Weight Gaining. If you would like to Read more such Articles just tell us in Comments. Also comment down what would you like to Read Next. Do check our No Equipment Workout: Full Body Circuit Training to tone those Muscles.

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