7 Ways to Improve your Immunity Naturally

With the Increase in the Number of Cases of Covid-19. Most of us are scared that we might be next. With no Vaccine till Now, Most of us are dependent on Precautions and Ways to improve their Immunity. Today, we are gonna discuss 7 Ways to Improve your Immunity Naturally.

7 Ways to Improve your Immunity Naturally

1. Get Enough Sleep

With the Changing Environment and Everything changing to Home Work and Flexible Hours. Most of are not Giving adequate time to Sleep. An average body requires minimum 6-8 hours of sleep. A studies showed people who slept less than 6 hours are more prone to get Cold. Then those who slept 6 hours or more.

A tip for those who don’t feel sleepy at night. Try to cut of the use of devices for an hour before respected sleep time. The Blue light from Screens of Tv, Mobile, laptop disturbs our body’s natural Wake-Sleep cycle


2. Control your Stress Level

2nd and Most Important Way of 7 Ways to Improve your Immunity Naturally is Controlling Stress. There is a Saying Stress kills Immunity. Long Term Stress can Cause imbalance in Immune Cell Function. Relieving Stress and Anxiety is key to Good Immune Health

Activities to Manage your Stress are meditation, exercise, yoga and other mindful Exercises

Drink Water

3. Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

Dehydration Results in not only many diseases and issues. But Drinking not enough water and making your body dehydrated also end up lowering your immunity. Dehydration can cause various issues like headaches, kidney infections and various heart diseases. Dehydration also effects digestion, mood, focus and physical performance. To prevent Dehydration one should drink at least 8 glass of Water daily.

4. Move that Body

Exercise is the key to a Healthy Life. Prolonged high Intensity Exercises may suppress your Immune System. But Science show moderate Exercise at least 3 times a Week helps in giving Boost to your Immune System. An average Human Being should exercise at least 4 hours a Week. Moderate Exercises include Jogging, Swimming, Skipping and Brisk Walking.

5. Add Fruits and Vegetables to your Diet

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable contains micro-nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Which are the Major Requirement by the Immune System to Function Properly. Studies show eating a balanced diet which includes fresh Fruits and Vegetables boosts immunity by  Increasing the Production of Immune Cells(T Cells) and even helps by Increasing their Activity to kill Pathogens.

6. Add Fermented Food in your Diet

Probiotic a bacteria which is very beneficial for your Body. Fermented food are a rich source of Probiotics. Some of them are yogurt, cultured milk and kimchi. Research shows presence of Good Bacteria like Probiotics in your Gut helps Immune Cells in Identifying harmful invaders. Some people suffer from Lactose intolerance and aren’t able to complete the Demand of Probiotics. There people can complete the Probiotic demand of Body by Eating Probiotic Supplements. But before using any Supplement in your day to day life, we prefer you consult with a Doctor First.

Say no to Smoking/Drinking

7. Say no to Smoking/Drinking

Smoking and Drinking both effects the Immunity of a Person in different Ways. Smoking decreases the level of Release of anti-inflammatory molecules. Which are released for Activation of Immune Cells. Whereas alcohol is a Dehydrating agent and draws out Water from the Cells of your Body. Alcohol is not only Related to Dehydration and Low Immunity but also heavy Drinking can cause Dysfunction of Certain Body Organ.

These were our 7 Ways to Improve your Immunity Naturally. For more such Articles. Comment Down Below and also tell what would you like to read Next.

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