7 Plank Variations That You Can Do at Home

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Almost everyone has a Dream of having Chiseled Abs. But all we end up is cutting fat and looking weak and having Malnutritioned Abs. To get those Amazing Looking Perfect Body you got train those Abdominal Muscles. Plank works on our Abdominal Muscles, shoulder and Back Muscles. Not only they Help in getting those Abs Visible but Planks help in Building immense Core Strength. There are tons of Exercise of Abdominal Muscles, Planks are Considered one of the Best Static Exercises to Train those Abdominal Muscles. Lets Straight Head on to 7 Plank Variations That You Can Do at Home:

7 Plank Variations That You Can Do at Home

1) Forearm/Elbow Plank

Forearm, the Most Basic Form of Plank. This Plank is Specifically Done on Forearms, the Reason is the Angle. Being on Forearm make your Body more Flat which makes it more Difficult as more Weight is Shifted on your Core and Less on our Legs. Make Sure your Body Forms a Straight Line from Legs to Shoulder.

2) Straight Arm Plank

Similar to Elbow Plank but a Bit Harder. The Straight Arm Plank Works on your Shoulder, Pecs, Inner Abs, Outer Abs and your Legs. Start with your Hands Shoulder Width Apart and Lift your Body like a Plank(Push Up Start Position) and hold. Do not let your Hips down, keep your Abs Contracted and Hold as Long as Can.

3) Push Up Plank

Plank Push Up or the Push Up Plank, one of our Favorite Exercise to Hit those Abs Muscles. Start with Straight Arm Plank. Keeping in Plank Position Lower Down your Right Forearm then Left Forearm. So that you get in Forearm Plank. Now Push your Right Hand then Left Hand to Push your Body Up to Straight Arm Plank and Repeat. Do a Minimum of 20-30 Reps. The Push Up Planks Works on your core, chest, and triceps Muscles and even Help you Build Strength for Push Ups.

4) Feet Elevated Plank

Feet Elevated Plank can be Done with Forearm Plank, Straight Arm Plank and Even Push Up Planks. Take any Box, Medicine Ball or any Elevated Object. Start in your Desired Plank Position and Lift your Leg and Keep it on the Elevated Surface. Make Sure your Body forms a Straight Line from Legs to Shoulder. Elevating your Feet increases the Difficulty of that Exercises. Contract your Abs and Hold the Position as Long as your Can.

6) Straight Arm Side Plank

Side Plank are a Great Exercise to Work on your Oblique Muscles. Lie on your Left Side, with Legs Straight and Extended. The Elbow of your Left Arm should be Directly Under your Shoulder. Engage your Core Muscles and Lift your Hips. Make sure your Body forms a Straight Line. To Balance you can Lift your Right Hand to Align your Right Side of the Body. Hold for as Long as you Can and Repeat on the Other Side. Make Sure you Do for Each Time Intervals for Each Side. We want a Balanced body not a Strong Right and Weak Left or Vice Versa.

5) Forearm Side Plank

Forearm Side Plank are an Amazing Exercise to Strength the Core and Oblique Muscles while Keeping our Wrist Muscles away from Injury. To Perform Forearm Side Plank you have to Do Exactly the Same you did in Straight Arm Side Plank just Change your Wrist to your Forearm. This way you can Engage your Core as Well as be Safe from Wrist Injury.

7) Side Plank with Leg Raises

The Side Plank with Leg Raises targets your Waist, Lower Back, Abs, Outer Thighs, and Glutes. To Perform this Start with Straight Arm Side Plank or Forearm Side Plank. Keeping your Core Engaged and your Body Aligned in Straight, Lift your Leg Up just above Hip so both your Legs form a L Shape. Slowly Lower it Down back to your Other Leg. Do atleast 20-30 Reps.

This was all For 7 Plank Variations That You Can Do at Home. Tell us in Comment what you Wanna Read Next. Also do Check our Working Out at Night can Get You Ripped.

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