3 Principles to Gain Muscles: Muscles Hypertrophy

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Before we go to the Principle we gotta Understand how Muscles Grow. Our Muscles are composed of thread like Fibers called Muscle Fibers. These Fibers gets Damaged when we Workout. When our Body Repairs these Muscle Fibers, the Repaired Muscle Fibers are Thicker than the Originally were. Now lets discuss 3 Principles to Gain Muscles:

1. Squeeze out the Juice

Lifting weight doesn’t mean just moving the Muscles to a max 10-12 Reps. If you wanna see Muscle Growth you gotta Squeeze the Muscle until it hurts enough that you are not able to do the Next Rep. The Max Reps you do after your Muscle starts hurting are the Reps that are Counted to build the Muscles.

3 Principles to Gain Muscles

For example, if you do Barbell Curl, you gotta Squeeze the Rod as hard as you Can, so that you can feel the Bicep Muscles are Activated. Keep Squeezing and Pull the Rod towards your Shoulders. Keep Squeezing and Pump your Biceps at the Top and slowly Descend. It will burn and tear those Muscle Fibers but thats what you want and you have to Push through it.

3 Principles to Gain Muscles

2. Overload Principle

Muscle Fibers tear when you shock those Muscles. Lifting same weight and same reps you did last Week won’t help you Grow Muscles. If you can’t increase the Weight why should the Body Increase the Muscle Mass. You gotta shock the Muscle by Lifting heavier than they are used too. Also, the Last rep should be the Last you can Do. It doesn’t mean you are gonna do 20-30 till its done. It means if your schedule is 10 reps you are gonna add weight such that your 10 rep is the rep beyond which you can’t do any other rep. The next time you do the Exercise make Sure to add more Weights and one Rep to the Exercise.

3. Negatives

Studies shows performing Negatives Resulted in Better hypertrophy than the Normal Lifting. To Perform Negatives you would Require a Partner or maybe 2 Depending upon the Weight. In Negatives you have to do only the Eccentric Portion or basically the Negative Portion of an Exercise but with much Heavier Weight. Double the Max weight you can do in one Rep of an Exercise.


For Example, if you lift a max of 10 kgs in Dumbbell Curl, you gotta lift 20 or maybe 25 kgs. Ask your Partner to help you lift it up. Once its in and you have Control then without the Help of your Partner slowly bring back the Dumbbell. Repeat this Process 8-10 times with both hands

So, these were our 3 Principles to Gain Muscles. Try these and you will see amazing Results withing Few Weeks. Also do check our No Equipment Workout: Full Body Circuit Training

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